System Overview

Heating your water with the solar Evacuated Tube system is a very simple and very effective.

Cold water from the bottom of the storage tank is pumped to the Solar Collector. The water absorbs the heat and then returns back to the storage tank. The pump is controlled by a pump controller that measures the heat difference between the bottom of the tank and the water returning from the collector.

This process continues throughout the day to maintaining the required temperature while keeping energy usage to a minimum.

The Solar Collector

The solar collector is made up of many Evacuated Tubes attached to a heat transfer manifold. Each evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes which are extremely strong and able to resist the impact of hail stones up to 25mm in diameter.

The inner glass tube has the latest technology, 12 layer sputted coating which absorbs the sun's rays and retains 97% of the thermal energy. Between the glass tubes is a vacuum which acts as an excellent insulator, much like a vacuum flask (Thermos). Inside the tubes is a copper pipe which transfers heat to the manifold in which the water is heated as it flows through.

Evacuated Tube Benefits

  • No water flows through evacuated tubes and they hermetically sealed so they don't suffer from corrosion problems.
  • They are cylindrical, so the hours of heat generation is greatly increased over traditional flat panels.
  • Should there every be a fault with a tube, they are individually replaceable.
  • They are much more efficient than flat panels but comparable in price.
  • Excellent results are achieved on cloudy days and due to their outstanding insulation properties, wind and low temperatures have minimal effect on their function.