Domestic solar hot water is a great way to save money while also doing your part to help reduce carbon emissions. Approximately 31% of residential power usage is from heating water.

We use highly efficient evacuated tube solar collectors which provide great performance even at low temperatures and cloudy days.

Substantial rebates are available via the Government's STC system, which makes going solar even more attractive.


For many businesses a large amount of their energy bills go toward hot water. We have a large range of options for commercial solar hot water, from full heating to pre-heating solutions.

The high performance evacuated tube systems can be tailored to your individual needs as a business, from caravan parks to large scale production facilities.

Supply Only

While we mainly supply and install systems, we can also ship systems to you while still remaining very competitively priced. You will need to arrange your own tradesmen to install the system at your end.

Supply And Installation

We come directly to you! Nothing for you to do except enjoy the benefits of your newly installed solar hot water system.

Please note that although we supply to all of Queensland, installation availability and price may vary depending on location and size of the system.