Electical Boosting

Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water

Electrical boosting is the most common way to boost solar hot water. The thermostat is set above 60°C, with the element located in the middle, reducing costs by only heating half the tank. The hot water storage tank must reach 60°C at least once daily in order to eliminate the possibility of Legionella bacteria forming.

Gas Boosting

Instantaneous Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water

Gas boosters are an instantaneous heater that can be mounted onto a standard tank or a nearby wall. Water is heated instantly, on demand, if the water temperature is less than 60°C. This eliminates the issue of waiting for water to heat if a large volume is needed.

System Sizes

As with any hot water system you need to decide on what size system is appropriate for your needs. Here are a few considerations that we will discuss with you:

  • How many people live in your house?
  • How many showers do you have a day?
  • Time spent in hot shower and also what shower heads are used i.e. water savers etc.?
  • Are clothes washed in hot water?
  • Do you often have guests staying?

Roof Mounting

The collector can either be mounted directly on to the roof, or in certain circumstances must be mounted on a frame. A frame must be used if roof pitch is less than 20 degrees.

North facing provides the optimum performance, North East or North West still provide great performance as the tubes are round and collect the Sun's energy at all angles.